Brian S.

Raja is an amazing individual who has challenged herself and have surpassed and broke limits. Her passion in helping others achieve their goals and materialize their vision are accurate and honest. Through our time together she has helped me gain the strength to surpass my own limitations and has helped me bring about calmness on areas of my life that has held me back from my goals.

Brian S. Founder and President at Project Soar Coaching February 12, 2015


Jj K

Thank you Raja for the wonderful session I had with you on Sunday. I highly recommend going to Raja for those that have a lot of questions about their own life and need to find clarity. When I left I felt that my direction is a lot clearer. Thank you again Raja for all the work you do.

J j K Health Club Manager February 10, 2015


Nick B

Raja is just a wonderful person, full of energy, with a radiant smile that puts you right at ease, and she seems to be a person who truly has a sense of passion for what she does.

Nick B Investment Advisor April 12, 2011


Theresa T

So wonderful to have met you yesterday and experienced the incredible healing power you have to give. I’ve seen a lot of them and yours is superior in all ways. Magnificent Healer in so many ways. Eternally grateful and I get to see you again soon. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Theresa T Lorne Park Health Club Manager January 12, 2014


Vonda K

Receiving Consultations with Raja has helped me tremendously. Raja brings clarity to your mind when you’re under a lot of stress and confusion. Raja’s keen ability, and spiritual insight gives her the fortitude to know how to assess the problem, or situation your dealing with in the mind of your own entrapment, and Raja knows how to give you the proper keys and tools of unlocking your own dreams, desires and goals that we set up for ourselves, but find ourselves getting stuck through life’s experience, and wrong choices we may make at times. I have been a client of Raja going on two years, and I see tremendous strides, and positive changes that I have made in my life thanks to Raja. …May God continue to bless you, for you are truly a blessing to humanity, you are an angle here on earth.

Vonda K Spiritual Teacher and Minister February 12, 2015